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Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of AI in Singapore through developing the talent, talent support network and the industry penetration through delivering practical AI solutions. We envision being a leader in Singapore’s Smart Economy in AI and emerging technology through people and practice.

Our values


We are all human beings. There is much to gain in the world by treating one another with kindness and respect. We care for our clients, students and each other. Learning to see and hear from another person's perspective makes us better leaders.

Client focus

We take ownership of our clients' results. This means spending time to understand the human and process landscapes behind each engagement, and executing projects with great care. We succeed only when our clients do.

Execution excellence

We start with a clear end in mind, we start with "why". Understanding our objectives clearly allow us to plan and communicate effectively. We have a culture of action orientation and are driven to over-deliver every time.


We value trust, and take time to build a strong foundation for it. We do what we say we will do. We measure ourselves against the highest standards of responsibility. Our word is our bond.

Our team

Ken Guo
Founder, Managing Director

Ken leads the RELUVATE team and works with clients to create lasting impact. With nearly a decade of top-tier business management experience and a proven successful digital portfolio, his unique intersection of skills help transform businesses to be future-ready.

Andy Teo
Head of Consulting

Andy's strong people skills and multi-disciplinary background in Arts and STEM fields places him to be our consulting lead. Graduating from NUS with a First-Class Honors in Psychology, he is effective in bringing across strategies that are practical for the organization.

Jon Chen
Head of Academy

Jon found his life's calling in teaching and is leading our Academy. He boasts an impressive teaching career, and mentoring in Comp Sci & AI, and will use his experience in EdTech and deploying ML models, to deliver the concepts needed to understand to implement AI.




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