About ReStartUps

  • Revitalise your organisation
  • Shift towards being an autonomous organisation

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The ReStartUp programme is a comprehensive restructuring programme comprising of a large number of AIDENs across multiple functions. The key goal here is to restart and rebuild the “operating system” of the company and fundamentally change how decisions are made and executed. In such a programme, the company is likely to undergo a 2 year change process resulting in 5-10% of the current headcounts working on the same roles; remainder of the FTEs are released to work on more critical business growth activities.

Examples: restart of the sales-finance-marketing-operations functions.


How do we start this?

We will have to conduct an AI-strategy meeting with your management team to fully understand the domain and functions of the company, explain and clarify what AI & Automation can be done for you, and to map out the progressive steps needed to transform your company. The first few transformations are typically done for functions which are key pain-points for company, easy to demonstrate value and synergistic.

How are you different from other transformation partners?

We are known for speed and service. What takes a software house 6 months to deliver, we will produce in 6 weeks. This is because we have build many foundational software, which aids in a fast development process. We also understand the importance of demonstrating a ``quick-win`` to gain your trust.

We care for clients a lot and are invested to transform together with them. One of our current partners in the ReStartup programme chose us because we were the only IT company which came more than a few times to provide support and to give updates.